Are you using Visual Mediation?

Mediation Institute hosted a webinar with Lisa Arora visual communication specialist mediator in 2017. Lisa is located in British Columbia, Canada and has agreed to host a webinar for Mediation Institute to discuss Visual Mediation.

If you were unable to join us you can watch a recording of our webinar here – Mediation Institute Visual Mediation Webinar with Lisa Aurora

Joanne and Lisa had a chat this week to discuss her approach to Visual Mediation. Lisa is a leading practitioner of Visual Mediation and is very generous in sharing her knowledge and expertise.

The Virtual Mediation Lab ran a webinar with Lisa in December 2017 and the recording of the webinar is located here –

How to engage more

Lisa very generously shares a Visual Mediation Agenda step-by-step guide on her website. Go to Lisa’s website and download her free Visual Agenda Template and 32 page Mediators Guide.

Visual Mediation AgendaThe Visual Mediation Agenda

Are you using Visual Mediation?

It would be great to take the discussion on visual mediation into a deeper discussion.  Log into the Mediation Institute Mediator Members collaborative space on Study 247 Online –





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