Resolution Institute Webinar: Why am I here? Remembering mediation’s core: self-determination

Webinar | Why Am I Here? Remembering mediation’s core: self-determination by Alysoun Boyle

Is self-determination just a feel-good catch phrase, or does it really mean something?

Join this thought-provoking webinar by Alysoun Boyle that explores self-determination as the fundamental principle of mediation. Using disputant self-determination as a guide, Alysoun will review facilitative mediation and the role of the mediator. She will show how each step of the mediation process and each action of the mediator are designed to protect, reinforce, and maximise disputant self-determination. Attend this webinar as an opportunity to reflect on your own practice and explore in depth the true power of mediation.

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About Alysoun Boyle

Alysoun Boyle has over 20 years’ experience in the dispute resolution field in Australia, practising predominately as a mediator. She is also an experienced and respected dispute resolution trainer and educator, and has experience ind disputes system design. Alysoun holds mediator accreditation under the National Mediator Accreditation Standards (NMAS). She is also a board member of the Resolution Institute.  Linked In Profile for Alysoun Boyle –

Having developed Australia’s first statutory court-diversion program for opiate-dependent offenders, and overseen the creation of innovative approaches for limiting overly restrictive responses to opiate dependency, the move to dispute resolution was a natural one. Strongly committed to the principles of empowerment and self-determination, she “lives” them in her dispute resolution practice. Rather than wondering whether or not people are capable of making their own decisions, she asks: “What can I do differently that will make it easier for these people to make their own decisions?”

She is a PhD candidate investigating the attributes of effective mediators, and is currently working on a separate research project with direct relevance to aged care dispute resolution and elder mediation.

Mediation Practice Development Webinars

Mediation Practice Development Webinars

Updated: 21st September 2017

The practice group stated last night (20th September) and the attendees put together a schedule for future sessions.


Structure: One hour webinar

Date and Time: 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time (Brisbane time all year round)  That might shift a bit around Christmas and January.


  • Free for Mediation Institute RMAB Members
  • $35 for non-members

Host: Ken Speakman 

Meeting Number: 555 222 2555


  • 20 minute presentation on the topic for the webinar
  • Open mike Q & A, success and horror stories
  • Take away’s

CPD: 1 hour CPD. You must register to have your CPD recorded but we recommend you add it to your Professional Development spreadsheet as well.

Scheduled Dates and Mediation Practice Development Dates Topics

Topics and registration links will be updated once we have the survey data back.

  1. Wednesday 20th September 2017  – Meet, greet and determine topics
  2. Wednesday 18th October 2017  – Marketing – Client Psychology
  3. Wednesday 15th November 2017 – Writing Articles
  4. Wednesday 20th December 2017 – Creating Video Articles
  5. Wednesday 17th January 2018 – Social Media (Facebook B2C)
  6. Wednesday 21st February 2018 – Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan
  7. Wednesday 21st March 2018 – Web Page Design Overview
  8. Wednesday 18st April 2018 – Build Your Personal Brand
  9. Wednesday 16th May 2018 – The Key Person of Influence (KPI) Process
  10. Wednesday 20th June 2018 –  Mentoring & Coaching
  11. Wednesday 18th July 2018 – Business 2 Business (B2B) Marketing
  12. Wednesday 15th August 2018 – Business 2 Consumer (B2C) Marketing
  13. Wednesday 19th September 2018 – Professional Associations & Groups

This webinar series on Mediation Practice Development is designed to help mediators develop their mediation practice. The sessions will run monthly on topics chosen by our members.

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  • Free for Members and $35 a session for non-members

We will add links to the recordings of the sessions for members who can’t attend live to this page over time.  You will also be able to participate in discussions of the topics in the groups area.

Resolution Institute Webinar

Resolution Institute Webinar | Mediating with diversity of sex, gender and sexuality – taking “inclusion” from theory to practice by Dr Olivia Rundle


Resolution Institute Webinar: Mediating with diversity of sex, gender and sexuality – taking “inclusion” from theory to practice by Dr Olivia Rundle

Webinar | Mediating with diversity of sex, gender and sexuality – taking “inclusion” from theory to practice by Dr Olivia Rundle

DR professionals work with clients who are of diverse sex, gender and/or sexuality. You may never know that a client is trans, gender diverse, intersex and/or a sexuality other than heterosexual and it may never be necessary for you to know this information about the client. On the other hand, it will always be necessary for dispute resolution practitioners to practice in an inclusive way with all clients to welcome, support, avoid alienating, and otherwise provide an effective service to people of diverse sex, gender and/or sexuality.

In order to work effectively with clients whose sexuality is other than heterosexual and/or who are gender diverse, it is essential that practitioners have an understanding about the social and legal issues that such clients face. It is also essential for practitioners to reflect upon their own backgrounds and prejudices, and take care not to bring bias into the mediation room. Mediators should be well informed about the available evidence about the wellbeing of diverse families, the way legal frameworks do and don’t apply to clients of diverse sex, gender and/or sexuality, and particular opportunities for power-play within relationships that include a trans, gender diverse, intersex and/or non-heterosexual person. Inclusive practice requires an open mind and an open heart – working with clients’ own priorities, experiences, fears and lived realities.

Join Dr Olivia Rundle for this presentation on addressing underlying prejudices of service provision and the law and how to use sensitive and inclusive language when working with trans, gender diverse and/or non-heterosexual clients.

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About Dr Olivia Rundle

Dr Olivia Rundle is a Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Tasmania. Her work includes research, teaching and community engagement in family law, dispute resolution, and civil procedure. Dr Rundle practised law until 2000, and has since worked as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and a nationally accredited Mediator.

She was awarded the Tasmanian 2013 LEADR Practitioner Award for Significant Contribution to ADR, for her contribution to the professional development of others, particularly acknowledging the contribution made by the book Mediation for Lawyers, co-authored with fellow mediator, Samantha Hardy and published by CCH.

Dr Rundle co-authored with Samantha Hardy and Damien W Riggs the 2016 book Sex, Gender, Sexuality and the Law, published by Thomson Reuters and co-authored with Samantha Hardy and Damien W Riggs. Sex, Gender, Sexuality and the Law helps to prepare professionals for working with diversity of individuals, couples and families, by drawing together sociological, psychological and legal literature, legislation and case law to explore the lived experiences of people of diverse sex, gender and/or sexuality.



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Tuesday, 29 August 2017
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM AEST
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Webinar: Cross-Cultural Community Mediation: insights from mainstream practice

Presented by Sarah Blake

Drawing on over 20 years of experience working in remote and cross-cultural landscapes, Sarah Blake will explore with you a case study on some of the challenges of complex, multi-party, whole-of-community mediations.

In cross cultural settings, it is important that mediators facilitate decision-making that engages with and respects the cultural norms and systemic needs from multiple perspectives. It is often complex involving many parties, support people, lawyers and mediators all wrestling with being effective in this space. This ethical dimension weaves a curious influence, shaping the mediation process beyond mere formula into something unique.

This presentation draws together such challenges, presenting an opportunity to reflect on issues such as confidentiality, legal protections, power and capacity.

Sarah will share some of her insights into how these challenges have shaped her mainstream practices. As well, Sarah frames the conversation to encourage cross-fertilization across different types of conflict resolution practice, asking about:

• Purpose – what you are doing?

• Legitimate authority – how you are doing it?

• Responsibility – who (you, them and us)?

Sarah will provide a case study ahead of the session to encourage you to engage in the topic and actively participate.

Resolution Institute Webinar

This event is hosted by Resolution Institute – please direct all questions to Resolution Institute’s Sydney Head Office on (02) 9251 3366 or email

Resolution Institute Members $25.00 AUD
Guests $35.00 AUD

About Sarah Blake

Sarah is passionate about helping people in complex situations make good decisions.

Sarah has more than 20 years’ experience, in governance and delivering mediation and conflict management services. Sarah’s expertise in the field of multi-party mediation and cross-cultural decision-making allows her to customise services that bridge cultural, commercial and legal divides. Her innovative approach to designing and delivering cross-cultural training across Australia and internationally has earned Sarah considerable respect. In 2016, Sarah was the winner of the 2016 Australian ADR Young Mediator of the Year Award.

Sarah holds accreditations under the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) and the International Mediation Institute (IMI). She provides mediation, negotiation and conflict management in workplace, commercial and community settings. Sarah also offers boards, particularly in the NFP sector, decision making and communication services. Her capacity development services incorporate design, risk assessment and recovery–focussed training. Sarah is a member of a range of mediation panels including Aboriginal Mediation Service, Department of Justice WA and the Federal Court of Australia – Native Title Mediator Panel.

For more information about Sarah Blake, please visit  or on LinkedIn