Mi Mastermind Group Meeting

Mastermind: an opportunity to tap into the wisdom of the group

How Mi Mastermind groups work: Mastermind’s are two hour group sessions hosted by Mi and focusing on topics of interest to the group.

Where: the sessions may be fully online or a combination of online and in a place.

Why: the purpose of the sessions is to provide an opportunity to learn and share between us.

How to get involved: the sessions are free for Mi RMAB members.

Members are NMAS Accredited Mediators and/or accredited FDR Practitioners who have joined Mi RMAB or students of dispute resolution. Mediation Institute students receive a free six month membership.

When: Look for the Mastermind category in the Mi Calendar to find out when the next Mastermind will be held.

Would you like to host: We are keen for members to gather together for Mi Mastermind sessions around Australia. To host you will need to have a large computer screen or a HDMI cable to allow you to plug your computer into the television as an external screen.

Mi Mastermind November 2017.

We held our first Mi Mediator Mastermind Group in November while Ken and I (Joanne) were in Perth for a role play day and some onsite training.

The venue was at an AirBnB with several members joining us on zoom.


The structure for the session was an introduction from each participant about who they are, where they are, what aspect of mediation they are focused on and what they would like to learn or share.

I captured the focus areas post it notes onto a Smartsheet on the wall but forgot to take a photo to share.  It’s looking a bit worse for wear now after being rolled up and brought home in my bag so here is a list of the topics. Some were mentioned but not really discussed a lot while others were really helpful.

A special mention to Christine who was very generous in sharing her expertise with some interesting software packages and Ken who’s offered to assist with distributing articles through his fabulous LinkedIn Network.  If you are not connected with Ken and I on LinkedIn make sure you send us a connection request.

Session 1 Smart SheetTypes of mediation the participants were interested in

  • Workplace Mediation
  • FDR
  • Commercial Mediation
  • Elder Mediation
  • Community / Neighbour Mediation
  • Relationship Mediation

Not all of the topics were covered and not everything was covered in as much depth as may be required but everyone felt the time together was worthwhile and that we should make the Mastermind Group a regular event.

Topics Raised

  • Fee structuring
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Market Research
  • Bringing in current experience
  • Client Kit Documents
  • Business Model
  • Ethics
  • Marketing Material
  • Social Media – discussion focused on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Marketing for referrers
  • Software
  • Email (don’t use gmail or hotmail as a professional)
  • Websites
  • Collaboration with others
  • What to give free
  • Customer Relationship Management Software

Towards the end of the session we each identified what we would commit to do to move our businesses as professional mediators forward.

Video Recording

Mi Mediator Mastermind #1 Nov 2017 final from Mediation Institute on Vimeo.