Online Group Peer Supervision


Online peer supervision session held the first Wednesday of every month.

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Book in for an online peer supervision session. They are held the first Wednesday of every month.  If you are a Mi RMAB member log in so that the cost is $0. If you are not a member the cost to participate is $35.

Purpose of the session

To provide an opportunity for mediation practitioners around Australia to discuss case related information in a confidential and supportive environment.

Ground rules

  • always use false names or (P1, P2 etc) when talking about clients to avoid inadvertent disclosure of confidential information (3 degrees of separation) On the same note be careful of disclosing identifying information. e.g “This person was a senior leader who was having problems with his colleagues” rather than “He is the leader of Australia and was having problems with his colleagues”
  • be respectful of the speaker. It takes a lot of courage to speak about your professional practice especially if you are identifying any area of lack of confidence. Remember that it is easy to see the opportunities of the situation from the outside. Provide any feedback and suggestions respectfully and from a position of seeking to help.

Available Dates

  • Thursday 7th September (Yes we know it is a Thursday not a Wednesday but we have a good reason for that)
  • Wednesday 4th October
  • Wednesday 1st November
  • Wednesday 6th December
  • January to be confirmed
  • Wednesday 7th February
  • Wednesday 7th March
  • Wednesday 4th April
  • Wednesday 2nd May
  • Wednesday 6th June


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