Mi RMAB Membership Only (NOT NMAS)


Mediation Institute RMAB Membership – does not include NMAS Accreditation Fee (if payable)

Want a discount? Become a member.


Membership of Mediation Institute RMAB for 2 years. Please Note: This membership does not include NMAS Accreditation through Mediation Institute.

Who is this membership for?

For people who are already accredited with another RMAB and do not want to or can not transfer your accreditation.

Who can be a member of Mi RMAB?

Mediation Institute RMAB Membership is available for mediators seeking NMAS Accreditation, Mediators who hold NMAS Accreditation with another RMAB and for accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

I am studying to become a Mediator or FDR Practitioner. Can I still Join?

If you are currently studying mediation or family dispute resolution you can apply for a student membership  It only costs $20 for a student membership.

Does the Membership fee include NMAS Accreditation?

No. There is an additional application form required to apply for NMAS Accreditation or NMAS Re-accreditation and a $100 fee payable every two years. If you join Mi RMAB online we will send you a copy of the appropriate application form.

Or click on the appropriate link below to download an application form and email the completed form to Mediation Institute along with the required additional documents.


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