We would like to start a monthly peer supervision group to help support members in practice.

If there is demand we would be happy to host a group or groups for NMAS Mediators and also for FDR Practitioners.


To provide a no cost opportunity for members to meet via Video Meeting on a regular basic to discuss case work and develop peer networks


Monthly meeting on a regular timeline e.g the 1st Tuesday of the month. Or would you like to arrange for the next meeting each meeting to provide greater flexibility?


Is daytime or evening the best? Do you want to carve time out of your day for peer supervision or is outside normal work hours more likely to work?


  • Do you want a facilitator (they may need to be paid) or have it as a more self-organized series of meetings?
  • Do you want to limit the members and expect a certain level of attendance or allow Mi RMAB members to come in and out as they please.
  • Do you want to open it up to non-members?


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