Free Mediator CPD Evidence Template

Get a copy of the free Mi NMAS Mediator CPD Evidence Template.

Use it to record all relevant Professional Development Activities and make renewal of your NMAS Mediator Accreditation a breeze.

The document is in word format to allow you to expand the table as required.

NMAS Accredited Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners have ongoing professional development obligations that they must comply with.

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CPD Evidence Template

Name:   Dates:  
Hours Max. Categories CPD Opportunities with Mi RMAB available and under development
20 hours A.      Participating in Education means formal, structured activities such as conferences, training seminars and workshops  Mi RMAB will offer practical, reasonably priced workshops and training seminars
15 hours B.       Reflecting on Practice means professional supervision, coaching or structured peer-based reflection on mediation cases. Mi RMAB offer reasonably priced supervision and professional coaching and free peer led structured case reflection webinars.
15 hours C.       Providing professional development means delivering presentations on mediation or related topics (2 hours prep for every 1 hour presentation) or providing professional supervision, assessment, coaching or mentoring mediator trainees and mediators.  Mi RMAB offers the opportunity to:

  • present professional development webinars to other mediators.
  • provide professional supervision or coaching to other mediators
  • provide NMAS Assessments
  • participate in training role plays, workshops or other PD activities as a volunteer mentor
10 hours D.      Credit for related CPD meaning hours of CPD in other disciplines such as law, behaviour or social sciences or other profession relevant to your mediation practice e.g building or engineering  
8 hours E.       Learning from practice meaning participating in up to 4 mediations as a client representative or in a formal learning capacity or role playing for trainee mediators in leaning or assessment activities (2 hours per mediation) Mi RMAB offers the opportunity to:

  • participate as a role player in training role plays with mediation and FDR trainees
  • participating as a volunteer support person for Mediation Centre clients who require additional support in mediation
5 hours F.       Self-directed learning meaning private reading, listening to or viewing pre-recorded content such as podcasts, writing articles or books relevant to mediation that are published in recognised journals or by recognised publishers. Mi RMAB will offer the opportunity to view pre-recorded webinars and podcasts on mediation and other relevant topics
5 hours G.      Other meaning other activities you believe are appropriate professional development. Provide details.


Total 25 hours min.
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