We’ve created a map to help locate our members around the country and the world. We do have another member currently in the US. Let us know if you’d like to expand the members map to include the northern hemisphere Carl.

Mi RMAB Members

What to do

If you are a member please check your map listing and make sure the information is correct and what you want shared. If you have not yet provided profile information for Mi RMAB website the link to your profile may not be there. Link to the Map

a) correct

b) information that you want publicly available

If everything is OK. Do nothing

If a change is required. Send an email with what has to change from and to to the office email office @mediationinstitute.edu.au (without the gap in the email address of course)

Why have we created a Member Map?

Two main reasons for creating the member map.

1 is to allow people who may be wanting to engage the services of a Mediation Institute RMAB member to easily find you by location.

2 is to allow members to find others in their area for networking, referrals and collaborations.

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