Can I still join Mediation Institute RMAB?

Mi RMAB Membership but not NMAS Accreditation

Mediation Institute supports the voluntary mediator accreditation system in Australia and does not accept membership application from mediators who do not accredit under the NMAS except for accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

The NMAS course is a 40 hour skill based course and the ongoing professional development requirements of an average of 1 hour a month of Mediation related professional development is not a difficult standard to meet. While you may believe that you are an excellent mediator, who can tell?

We believe that anyone who holds themselves out to be a mediator should achieve and maintain the NMAS Accreditation standard. Visit for more information about how we can help you to reach the standard.

I’m confused. I’m a FDR Practitioner which is a much bigger course. Why do I have to become NMAS Accredited?

You don’t have to get NMAS. We will accept your application for Mediation Institute RMAB membership as a NON-NMAS Accredited FDR Practitioner Member. You have ongoing professional development and practice standards through your FDRP accreditation so we’re fine with that as an indicator of your professionalism as a mediator.

If you are interested in becoming NMAS accredited you may meet the requirements for NMAS accreditation through the experience qualified pathway. All you would need is to provide evidence of that and pass an assessment of your skills. We’d be happy to assist with your experience qualified pathway application for NMAS Accreditation should you choose to get that accreditation as well as your FDR Practitioner accreditation.

I was NMAS Accredited but I let it lapse or don’t meet the renewal requirements.

If you have been offering mediation services unaccredited there is an experienced qualified pathway to NMAS Accreditation which we would be very happy to talk with you about if you are interested in becoming accredited again. It does not require you to complete the NMAS training course.

All you need to do is provide evidence of your recent experience and pass an assessment role play.

We also have a NMAS Re-Accreditation Course which includes a refresher on the theory and practice of mediation. We provide you with the opportunity to practice and renew your knowledge of mediation and meet the re-accreditation requirements. Your membership must not have lapsed more than six months ago unless you have evidence that you have met the mediation practice hours requirements.

NMAS Re-Accreditation Course – Mediator Refresher Course

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