The first Mediation Practice Development Webinar #1/2018 was a quiet one as it appears that most members are still on holidays or perhaps just still in holiday mode and not focused on building your mediation practices.


You can watch an edited recording of the webinar and discussion below.

Webinar 170118 Practice Development No 1 2018 from Mediation Institute on Vimeo.

Share and Discuss

You can participate in a discussion with other members in the Mediation Institute RMAB collaboration area on Study 247 Online –

Let us know if you are having trouble logging in. All Members and Students should have access to this collaboration space.


As mentioned we are happy to repost and share members content and if you do not have a blog or website as yet you can be a guest blogger if you have interesting and informative content to share that is relevant to dispute resolution or for dispute resolution professionals such as tools, resources or tips for your fellow mediators which we can post on the RMAB website for members.


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