We are expanding the functionality of the Mediation Institute Members course area by setting up a number of groups that you can join.

What are groups?

Groups are an opportunity for members to collaborate and share around specific focus areas.  Watch this short video from Joanne Law to find out more about the groups and how to move from group to group.

What groups are available?

We have set up three groups at the time of writing this but are open to suggestions from members for more. Current Groups are:

Mediation Supervisors – this is a closed group which means it is by invitation only for those members who are interested in being part of our Paid Supervision Directory to make accessing professional supervision easier for mediators.

Practice Area Groups – this is an open group which means that you can join and move between the sub-groups as often as you want. Current sub-groups are:

  • Australian Mediation Awareness Week Supporter Group for those who are interested in either running an event or supporting others to run an event for the Australian Mediation Awareness Week in October 2018
  • Child Inclusive Practice Group which is intended for those FDR Practitioners who have completed further studies in Child Inclusive Practice.
  • Elder Mediation Group which is intended for those who are providing Elder Mediation Services or interested in this area of practice
  • FDR Practitioner Group which is intended for those who are accredited FDR Practitioners
  • Workplace Mediation Group which is intended for those who are interested in Workplace Mediation

We are more than happy to facilitate more sub-groups going as granular as you would like.  Other thoughts might be for those who are interested in Restorative Justice or Transformative Mediation for example.

– State Based Groups – We have set up a state based group for every state or territory and one for ex-Pats. Those of you who don’t have a lot of colleagues in your group e.g. ACT and ex-Pats may find it convenient to pop into the other groups or if you are traveling interstate to use the group announcement to invite others to catch up.

Early Adopters and Laggards

Those who know Mediation Institute and especially our Directors Joanne Law and Paul Kenna know that we are innovators.Diffusion of Innovations

We were the first to introduce Video Mediation as an effective training methodology in Australia for the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution and won the eLearning Excellence Award for the VET sector in 2013.

We strongly support the use of technology to reduce cost, time and overcome accessibility barriers for mediators and mediation clients and part of our mission as a Membership Body is to help all of our members to be on the right side of the digital divide.

I am telling you this because unless you push yourself up the diffusion curve and make use of the groups, webinars and joining in on our Video Mediation Role Plays you will miss out on the potential for professional development, collaboration and sharing that they make available to you for free.

We have 50 members now so that means if you fit the norm of the general population we’ve only got about six of you who will actively engage and start to build these groups.

Since only about thirty of you have joined the www.study247.online/courses/9 collaboration course you seem to be right on par for the adoption curve.

Can the Early Adopters please step forward by getting in touch about how you can use the Groups to enhance your membership experience. You know you want to!

Once you do and start getting some content and interaction happening the early majority (another 17 or so of you) will join in and start using the groups more actively to network, ask for resources and share opportunities.

Sometime in a year or two the late majority might twig about all the opportunities they are missing out on and get involved from time time time.

The laggards will probably still not have joined Study 247 be uninterested in doing things in a way that is different to the way they have always done things unless the old opportunities no longer exist.

They say you should always have a call to action at the end of every post so …

Call to action!

– Early Adopters please book in a time to have a chat about how you can benefit from the groups area of the Mediation Institute RMAB Members Collaboration area

– Early Majority please click on the People Link in the course and join the groups that interest you.

– The Late Majority please use the instructions in the Weekly Members Update to log into the Members Collaboration area. It has links to the role play scheduler, lots of tools and resources, information and other good things as well as the links to join the Groups that interest you.

Supervisors – if you are an experienced mediator with more than two years post accreditation experience and are confident that you can provide real value for a mentee send Joanne an email to express your interest in the Supervisors Group.  This is a by invitation group as we want to use it to support the paid supervisors among us to develop a Directory of Supervisors.




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