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You may have received an email recently asking you to join a Family Law Panel that supposedly gives you an inside track to work with the Family Law Courts ADR diversion program.

You may not have received this email from AFLAM the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators who appear to share the concerns of Mediation Institute about this commercial offer that was quite misleading at first glance.

Peter Sheehy, Chair of AFLAM had this to say.    View Online 

[AFLAM] Members may have received an email in the last few days from an organisation called “Accredited Dispute Resolvers”, whose website is

The email invites “accredited, available and local ADR practitioners” to join its Family Law Panel.  It is said that the Panel will “assist the Court, legal practitioners and litigants with the identification and allocation of work to Alternative Dispute Resolution”.

The cost of joining the Panel is $49.99 per month.  There are other conditions displayed on the memorandum attached to the email.

The Board of AIFLAM wish to advise our members that:-

  1. This is a private organization offering a service for a fee;
  2. This organization is not in any way affiliated with AIFLAM;
  3. AIFLAM holds and maintains the list of qualified arbitrators on behalf of the Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department pursuant to Regulation 67B of the Family Law Regulations 1984. This Panel has no connection with that list; and
  4. The Board is not aware of the Federal Circuit Court (or the Family Court) having made any arrangement with this organization for referrals for mediations or arbitrations to practitioners on the organisation’s “Panel”.

We felt the need to share this communication from AFLAM to help ensure that our members also do their due diligence before signing up to a paid directory listing to a website that does not indicate who the site owners are. As it appears that there is no arrangement in place with the Family Courts for panel mediator work.

Attorney Generals Directory

A reminder to keep your information and profile up to date with the Attorney Generals department came out today.

This is a request and a reminder to please ensure that your practitioner record details, including your contact information, are kept up-to-date on the FDR Register.

The FDR Register is a publicly accessible resource and is the only reliable national list of accredited FDR practitioners. It is FREE for practitioners to register, and FREE for the public to access.

 The FDR Register is updated daily, and is available to practitioners who provide private FDR services (that is, not solely through a government-funded organisation).

 For practitioners currently appearing on the FDR Register, please check your listing and let us know if you would like any details updated.

 For those practitioners who do not currently appear on the register, but would now like to have their details published on the FDR Register, please advise by reply email and we will send you the required form to complete. If you do not have a physical location for your service, you can select ‘Rooms to be arranged’, so you can arrange with your clients when they contact you.

 I would also like to remind all FDR practitioners to update their complaints mechanism details. If you have changed employers or membership bodies for your complaints mechanism, but have not yet advised us, please ensure you do so as soon as possible. In cases where we receive a complaint about your FDR service, we refer it to the body nominated by you.  

 If you have any queries or require further information, please contact us:

Phone   1800 025 255




Practitioner Accreditation Unit – Family Law Branch

Attorney-General’s Department 

3-5 National Circuit BARTON ACT 2600

 Mediation Institute Directory

Mediation Institute has a directory for our members and we really encourage those of you who are looking for contract work to provide your information and photo for the Directory.

Not a member?

Joining Mediation Institute is only $120 a year ($220 for up to two years if you do not also accredit as a NMAS Accredited Mediator through Mediation Institute) and you can have a lovely full colour profile on our RMAB website and promotion as one of our FDR Practitioners if you are a FDR Practitioner.

In addition to the directory listing you can access all of our Web based CPD activities for free as well as member discounts on any fee for service training and courses.

Membership Profiles for FDR Practitioner Members.

Mi Directory Snap Shot

We do not promote non-FDR Practitioners as Family Law Mediators.

Join Mediation Institute as a FDR Member 

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