We’ve been approached by the developer of a new app designed to help co-parents to communicate with greater ease and without abuse.

Apparently they have incorporated Artificial Intelligence to detect abusive language and request the parent to resubmit and other clever techy ways of keeping the conversation via messaging civil and focused.  It is also useful to organise messages between parents around themes (see the screen shot below) and may be helpful for your clients.

We’re going to be evaluating it to refer clients to from the not-for-profit I manage www.interact.support but thought you may also be interested in reviewing for your own FDR Practices those of you who are FDRP’s.

Here is a link to sign up for the pre-launch.


I’ve been told that they are doing a free launch “beta” version and will start subscriptions next quarter but that it will never be more than a cup of coffee per month so it should fit within the budget of families.

Divvito organise messages

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