A number of the papers from the September 2016 National Mediation Conference 2016 have been released in the The 2016 NMC Special Issue of the Bond Law Review is now available FREE online:

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The Bond Law Review is a refereed journal that publishes articles, comments and notes on the whole spectrum of legal topics and issues. The BLR is published twice each year by the Bond Faculty of Law Review Editorial Committee.The current issue of Bond Law Review is available in hardcopy by subscription. All previous issues of this journal are available on this site.

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Volume 29, Issue 1 (2017)


PDF  Foreword
Rachael Field, Mieke Brandon, and Pauline Collins

PDF Indigenous Mediation: Is That Different?
Louisa Roughsey, Frank Watt, and Barry Zondag

Book Review

Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal (ADRJ) is also available for purchase see below.

Please also see the advertisement for the special conference edition of the Australasian Dispute Resolution Journal (ADRJ), which is also available. You will find the relevant information about the authors and their articles as well as how to purchase the special conference edition in the links below:

  1. http://sites.thomsonreuters.com.au/journals/2017/03/21/adrj-special-issue-contributions-from-the-national-mediation-conference-2016
  2. http://sites.thomsonreuters.com.au/journals/2017/03/21/australasian-dispute-resolution-journal-update-vol-28-pt-1-special-issue-nmc-2016


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