Reminder Online Group Supervision Session

Members are reminded that our monthly Online Group Supervision Session is on tomorrow at 7 pm Brisbane time. Joanne has emailed out a group invitation so that you can get this meeting into your calendar or you can manually add this regular meeting to your diary if you use an analog rather than digital system. […]

This Meeting is free for Mediation Institute RMAB members.

If you are a NMAS Mediator or accredited FDR Practitioner and would like to participate the fee is $35 per session.

If you are a current student of mediation or FDR you can join Mediation Institute Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body for only $20 

Reminder – Online Peer Group Supervision Session

Remember to book in for the Online Peer Group Supervision Session at 7 pm this Thursday (Melbourne Time)

Members – If you are a Mediation Institute RMAB member log in and book through the booking system so that it keeps a record for you of your Professional Development Activities – Online Group Peer Supervision

Make sure that you log in so that you get the 100% / $35 discount for being a Member.

Non-Members – We welcome the participation of other Mediators and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners – It is $35 to participate. Share your experience and learn from others for only $35. Online Group Peer Supervision Why not join Mi RMAB? If you don’t need NMAS Accreditation (i.e already a member of another association it is $120 for one year or $220 for two years) Select the right membership for you here or send an email to

Meeting Technology

The meeting will be online using Zoom Webinar technology. Go to to download the free software to your computer, tablet or smart phone before the meeting time.

If you are registered through the booking system we will send you a reminder and meeting link on Thursday but if you have any troubles getting through the meeting number if 9282726252.