Online Role Plays

Want to participate in Online Role Plays?

We’d love you to.  You’ll earn two hours of Professional Development, have fun and keep yourself fresh.

How do I get involved?

Link to Role Play Scheduler

If you are a Mediation Institute Graduate and know the roles just click on the link to go to the role play scheduler and put your name in an available slot. 

Never been in an online role play before? If you are not an Mediation Institute Graduate and are not feeling confident about online role plays then give us a call on 1300 781 533 and we’ll do an orientation session with you.

Want to be the mediator in a role play?

If you are looking for the opportunity to role play as the mediator we’d love to accommodate that.  Just put your name down at a time that is convenient for you in the scheduler and see if you can get some role players.

See the example below for Saturday 2nd September


  • Make sure that you can be contacted. If your name is not on the Contact Information list (look for the tab at the bottom of the Google Sheet) then add yourself in
  • Scenario. You can use one of the Mediation Institute role play scenarios but we would love some new ones. If you would like to put together the basics for a new role play we’d love it and you will get an additional hour of CPD credits for every role play scenario you produce. Might be a good opportunity to re-run a mediation you were not totally happy with.   You can use this RP-Template to write your own scenario

What type of Role Play can it be?

It can be any type of role play you’d like including a co-mediation if you’d like to practice that with someone who you’re considering working with.

If I want to be the mediator do I need a paid version of Zoom?

  • If you have a paid version of Zoom (the video mediation tool we use) then use your zoom number.
  • If you don’t then you’ll need to use the number of one of our team to avoid your mediation ending after 45 minutes. Just email to let us know that you need help. We will give you one of our paid accounts to use as the meeting number and pop in to make you the meeting host.  That way you’ll be able to record, control the private sessions and other hosty things you need to do.


  • All Mediation Institute RMAB members can participate in online role plays with Mediation Institute students (mentored role plays) or among themselves (peer mentoring) at no cost
  • You will gain 2 hours of professional development credits for each role play (providing the full session including feedback runs for about two hours!) and you will get another hour of professional development credits for each role play scenario that you write up to an acceptable standard.
  • If you have any difficulty getting into the scheduler, understanding the scheduler or are uncertain about participating in an online role play call us on 1300 781 533 for help or to book in for a free orientation session.

Seeking role play volunteers for mediator assessment: Thursday 8th June (Melbourne)

Seeking Role Play Volunteers

We’d like to invite you to join us for a NMAS Assessment Role Play as a Volunteer Role Player to assist a student with their mediator accreditation assessment.

Volunteering for a role play is a perfect opportunity to:

  • Add 2 hours of Continuing Professional Development towards maintaining your NMAS Accreditation – Remember to record it on your CPD Register
  • Refresh your knowledge of Facilitation Mediation as required for NMAS Accreditation
  • Prepare for your own NMAS Accreditation
  • Experience mediation in preparation for enrolling in training

When: Thursday 8th June 2017

Time: 1 – 3 pm

Where: Mi Mediation Centre, 730B Centre Road, Bentleigh East

How to Volunteer

Call 1300 781 533 or email

Opportunities are on a first come first serve basis. You will be put on a wait list for future opportunities if you miss out on this role play.

Am I required to be a NMAS Mediator to volunteer?

While a basic knowledge of the mediation process is helpful it is not mandatory.  Guidelines are provided to help you in playing out your role.